The Art of Walking

As a former dancer and model Adrian Alicea offers honest advice, coaching and career strategies for models in the fashion industry. He focuses on educating models on the business side of modeling, acquainting them with the formalities, tricks, and tips. Models of Adrian Alicea will learn how to walk, different posing techniques when in front of the camera, nutrition, how to book with reparable agencies and casting gigs. Adrian and his team of creative professionals are dedicated to improve model's confidence, portfolio, style and brand. We  also perform casting calls for Adrian's upcoming fashion shows, editorials, film & more. Models who take coaching sessions with Adrian has the chance to be scouted to be a brand ambassador; representing his fashion brand.


Custom-Made Designs

Adrian Alicea have a collection of uniquely designed pieces and also do custom tailoring from scratch.


Special Occasions

Adrian Alicea is your premier designer for Custom Formal Apparel (ie Weddings, Proms, Birthdays, Red Carpets, Charities, & other formal events )


Adrian Alicea has participated in many fashion & pageant shows; sponsoring his gowns to winners.

Movie, Television, Photoshoot & Music Video Rental

Adrian Alicea has a vast and diverse collection of unique fashion & costume designs which clients can rent for a daily fee for movies, television, photo-shoots, and music videos. All garments are 30% off their retail price.